SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence - Surfacing Data

by Casey Smith 3. February 2011 06:27

"The transformation of data into actionable information is at the heart of business intelligence (BI)” – Scott Jamison

Everyone has data.  What you need is Information.

How are you going to surface and present the data for the key decision makers in your organization? SharePoint 2010 is designed to be the tool to transform data into actionable information. SQL Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010 make an ideal tool to allow your users to make critical and timely decisions based on your organization's information. . Think of SharePoint 2010 as a Presentation Layer for your business data.

There are several moving parts if you plan to be successful in your delivery of a business intelligence solution; we’d love to help your organization unlock the true capabilities of these products to help you become a leader in your industry 

If you want to master the technologies that provide the foundation for a successful SharePoint 2010 delivery we can help.  With a team of SharePoint experts, LeaderQuest is positioned to help you be successful in End-to-End Delivery of a SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Solution.


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